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Sep 30 2020

        THE CarlenLab RECEIVES 3.0M € (32.2M SEK) FOR THE PROJECT “Brain circuits in decision-making”    FROM THE KNUT AND ALICE WALLENBERGS FOUNDATION!    

 The project will run over 5 years and be conducted in collaboration with the lab of KONSTANTINOS MELETIS.   The interactions between the prefrontal cortex and the striatum will be studied with large-scale   electrophysiology and calcium imaging in behaving mice.

September 2020

CarlenLab alumni Sofie Ährlund-Richter receives the Brain Diseases Award 2020 from the UZH Foundation for her PhD thesis work ‘On the neuronal correlates of cognition; cell-type specific circuitry and function of the prefrontal cortex!

Congratulations Sofie! 


Link to the press release from Karolinska Institutet HERE

Link to the press release from the Knut and Alice Wallenbergs Foundation  HERE

August 2020

Our study looking at how network asynchrony could underly increased broadband gamma power has been posted on bioXriv. Turns out, as suggested, gamma oscillations as revealed in the LFP does not always reflect a rhythm but can rather be the result of asynchronous and increased firing activities. Furthermore, long-term deficiency of PV inhibition can contribute to desynchronization at multiple time scales.

Check it out here

July 2020

Our study looking at the role of BDNF-trkB signaling in the adult function of PV interneurons and prefrontal network dynamics has been posted on bioXriv.

Check it out here

August 2020

UPDATE: Marina Slashcheva has been selected for the PhD position in the CarlenLab within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action MSC-ITN-2019 project euSNN, European School of Network Neuroscience,

Welcome Marina!

July  2020

The DMCdrive goes live!

Want to long-term record and manipulate neuronal activity in freely moving mice or rats? Then we strongly recommend going for our DMCdrive holding four movable tetrodes + optical fiber, that can be built from 3D printed parts in 4h without much experience. Very reliable optotagging and recovery of single unit and LFP activities over many days.  
Designed by senior researcher Hoseok Kim.

Open access to the publication here.

May 2020

CarlenLab postdoc Pierre Le Merre receives StratNeuro funding for postdoctoral researchers 2020!

StratNeuro, the Strategic Research Area Neuroscience joins Karolinska Institutet, The Royal Institutet of Technology (KTH) and Umeå University and has the mission to integrate clinical and basic research to foster a new generation of leaders and scientists in translational neuroscience. Read more here.



April 2020

Marie Carlén and Dinos Meletis will arrange the Brain Circuits course at Karolinska Institutet

The one week PhD course is part of the Advanced courses in Neurosciences. Dates: Sep 14-18 2020.

The application system is open April 15-May 15 2020. 

DMClab first zoom meeting. 

Great to see you all! 

CarlenLab and MeletisLab

March 2020


PhD position open in the CarlenLab

Are you interested in the prefrontal cortex, cortical computations underlying cognition and how behaviour is generated, come join us in the CarlenLab!

This PhD project is entitled “Cognitive encoding in the prefrontal cortex” and holds all the fun stuff in systems neuroscience, including high-density electro-physiological recordings (Neuropixels) in behaving mice, optogenetics, genetic viral tracing and complex behavior.

Apply latest April 16 2020.

Link to the application system here.


February 2020

Open Postdoc position in the CarlenLab!

Do you hold expertise in high-density electrophysiological recordings in behaving animals and want to work with us on elucidating what the prefrontal cortex is and does, then please submit an application!

Click here for link to the ad at FENS jobs.

January 2020

PhD student Sofie Ährlund-Richter defended her thesis “On the neuronal basis of cognition: cell-type specific connectivity and functions of the prefrontal cortex”.
Opponent: Professor Cyril Herry, Bordeaux Neurocampus
Link: Cyril Herry


Click here for link to thesis

December 2019

Marie Carlén appointed Wallenberg Scholar!

“The Wallenberg Scholar program focuses on Sweden’s leading senior researchers. It was implemented because researchers need long-term funding without the distraction of pressure to secure external grants in order to carry out world-class research”.

Link: The Wallenberg Scholar Program

Link: KI announcement (in Swedish)

December 2019

Update upcoming PhD position in the Carlén lab.

Our funded H2020 project euSNN, European School of Network Neuroscice project now has a webpage:

15 PhD students will be hired across Europe within the project during 2020!

Please visit out site for links to the positions. The positions are added over time, starting from December 2019.

September 2019

CarlenLab postdoc Pierre Le Merre receives NARSAD Young Investigator Award 2019! 

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